Kuma Skiland



Hours of Operation

Open/Season: December 6, 2021 through March 13, 2022

Weekdays (except Wednesdays), Sundays, & Holidays: 9:00am – 10:00pm

Saturdays: 9:00am – 12:00am

New Year’s Eve: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Operation hours are subject to change due to the snow conditions of the ski slopes.

We maintain the slopes for an hour between 5:00pm and 6:00pm every day to offer optimal slope conditions for night skiing. The time spent for maintenance is automatically not added to your time ticket.

Please understand that maintenance may be cancelled without notice due to bad weather.

Snowfall and road conditions



By Car

During the winter season, the road may be icy or snowy. Please make sure to install winter tires or tire chains on your car for safety. From Matsuyama IC

Approx. 30min

Take National Route 33 toward Kochi, pass Misaka Road (Toll Free), and at the exit, turn left.

Shuttle services are available at the entrance of National Road to Ski Slope (Rokubudo)

When you arrive at Rokubudo, call 0892-21-0100. We will come and pick you up immediately.

By Bus

Please call us when you arrive at Yokodori Bus station. Shuttle services are available. JR Shikoku-line Bus Services Kumakogen Line from Matsuyama Station to Yokodori Station Approx. 1 h



No lift fee is required just for playing around the slopes.

Admission Fee

Tickets Individual Group (Weekdays) 30% off Group (Sat, Sun, & Holidays) 20% off
Adults 1,200 Yen 840 Yen 960 Yen
Junior High or High School Students 1,000 Yen 700 Yen 800 Yen
Elementary School Students or Younger 700 Yen 490 Yen 560 Yen

Admissions are free for children age 2 and under!

Group discount is applied to a group with 15 or more people, who enter the Skiland at the same time.

Parking is free.

Lift Fee

Type of Ticket Adult (High School or Older) Child (Junior High School or Younger) Security Deposit for Lift Ticket
1 Time Ticket 300 Yen
Booklet (12 Tickets) 3,300 Yen 2,100 Yen ※The price of each ticket includes a security deposit of 500 Yen.
2-hour Ticket 3,300 Yen 2,100 Yen
4-hour Ticket 3,900 Yen 2,400Yen
6-hour Ticket 4,400 Yen 2,700 Yen
8-hour Ticket 4,900 Yen 3,000Yen

Hourly tickets and booklets include a 500 Yen security deposit in their prices. The deposit is reimbursed when the ticket is returned.

2-hour tickets are only sold at 5:00pm or later everyday.


Rental Services

Varied selection

Tell us the size of your shoes, skis, and/or snowboards that you’d like to rent. We’ll select gear that most closely meets your request. Various ski wear colors, sizes, and designs are available for you to choose.

Rental Fee(Individual)

Adult Junior High School and Younger
Comprehensive Ski Package (A pair of skis,boots, poles, and ski wear) * Gloves are not included. 6,600 Yen 4,600 Yen
Ski Set (Skis, boots and poles) 3,800 Yen 2,700 Yen
Skis only 2,400 Yen 1,900 Yen
Ski boots only 2,400 Yen 1,900 Yen
Full Snowboard Set (Board, boots, and ski wear) Gloves are not included. 6,600 Yen 4,600 Yen
Snowboard Set (Snowboard, and boots) 3,800 Yen 2,700 Yen
Snowboard only 2,400 Yen 1,900 Yen
Snowboard boots only 2,400 Yen 1,900 Yen
Ski wear set 3,400 Yen 2,400 Yen
Pair of poles 600 Yen 600 Yen

Rental Fee(Group)

Group (Week-days) 30% off Group (Sat, Sun, & Holi-days) 20% off
Adult Junior High School and Younger Adult Junior High School and Younger
Comprehensive Ski Package (A pair of skis,boots, poles, and ski wear) * Gloves are not included. 4,620 Yen 3,220 Yen 5,280 Yen 3,680 Yen
Ski Set (Skis, boots and poles) 2,660 Yen 1,890 Yen 3,040 Yen 2,160 Yen
Full Snowboard Set (Board, boots, and ski wear) Gloves are not included. 4,620 Yen 3,220 Yen 5,280 Yen 3,680 Yen
Snowboard Set (Snowboard, and boots) 2,660 Yen 1,890 Yen 3,040 Yen 2,160 Yen

The Comprehensive Ski Package does not include accessaries (gloves, goggles, or a hat).

Gloves are available for rent separately.(1,320yen〜)

Rented items must be returned at least 30 minutes before closing time.

Requests for group discounts must be submitted at least 3 days before the day to be used.

Rental size

Ski boots 15cm – 31.5cm
Skis 70cm – 160cm
Snowboard boots 17cm – 31.5cm
Snowboards 90cm – 166cm
We will select the snowboard that best fits you based on your hight -/+ 10 – 20cm
Ski Wear For juniors (Height 90 – 140cm)
For adults ( XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL)

Other Rental Items

Sleigh 500 Yen
Rain Boots 14cm~29cm 500 Yen
Helmet (Jr./S/M/L) 600 Yen


For the first time visitors

What clothes should I wear?

Clothes for skiing need to be warm and easy to move in. Please wear slightly larger clothes than your regular size so that you can add clothes inside if it becomes cold. You also need a pocket with a zipper to attach an IC lift ticket to.

Temperatures at the ski area are 5℃-10℃ during the day on average, even though in the early mornings, it is often below 0℃. On sunny days, you may feel sweaty. Please prepare under wear or other clothes to change into. Towels and tissues might be also convenient so you might want to bring them with you.

To protect yourself from injuries, please wear a cap, gloves, and boots. * If you don’t have them, some are sold at the adjunct shop.

Helmets are available to rent but the number and size are limited. A bicycle helmet can be used, but please be careful since a bicycle helmet tends to shift and block your vision.

What else do I need?

SUV products, and chapstick/lip balm

A long sleeve shirt

Sport socks (long length socks)

Items not available to rent. * Those items may be available for purchase at an adjunct retail shop.

Knit Caps




Lift Ticket Holder

Toys for playing with snow (shovels for play etc.)

For people with small children We have a children’s nursery section inside of the restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Ski Center for small children to rest. In the bathroom (for the handicapped), there is a table for changing diapers.

When you are coming by car, please install studless tires on your car or have tire chains ready in your car. The roads may be icy or snowy during the ski season, though it is usually only for a few days. Please make sure to check the road conditions before you come on our homepage and/or by calling us.